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Podcasts About Open Source Localization Tools

April 04, 2013
Today at 18:30 (IDT) there will be a live broadcast of the FLOSS Weekly podcast about Pootle Pootle , an open source localization server. The live broadcast and chat will be at Twit TV and the recording will be available later on the FLOSS Weekly site Floss Weekly in various audio and video formats.

A few months ago they covered another open source localization tool called Zanate. The recording of that podcast is available here Zanate (floss weekly) and next week they'll be covering yet another translation management system called Weblate Looks like lots of interesting stuff for translators.

Update: The recordings of the Pootle episode are now here Pootle (floss weekly)

Update: The recordings of the Weblate episode are available here Weblate (floss weekly)